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Two special awards are presented each year in addition to the annual Swiss ICT Award: the Swiss ICT Newcomer Award and the Swiss ICT Public Award.

The jury can also grant the Swiss ICT Special Award. This award is presented only on special occasions and does not belong to any of the three official categories.

Swiss ICT Award

Any company with a strong presence in Switzerland is eligible for the Swiss ICT Award. Companies that can claim an outstanding IT achievement in the last 24 months are eligible to apply. Some examples are:

  • launch of a very innovative product that makes significant use of ICT technology or software that is not immediately visible or recognisable (invisible IT)
  • development or launch of a new app
  • an extraordinary achievement supported by ICT or part of an ICT project.


Companies that have been active in the market for less than five years are eligible for the Swiss ICT Newcomer Award.Start-ups are eligible to win both the Swiss ICT Newcomer Award and the Swiss ICT Award in the same year.

Public Award

The Public Award winner is chosen from all the finalists by an online public vote by readers of the 'Swiss IT Magazine'.