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Frequently Asked Questions

Brief summary

Applications may be submitted by any company that has introduced an IT-based product or an IT-based service to the market. The company may operate in any industry. The development and implementation of the product/service must have taken place in the last two years and to a significant extent in Switzerland. Special conditions apply for start-ups.

What are the award categories?

Two special awards are also presented each year in addition to the annual Swiss ICT Award:

  • the Swiss ICT Newcomer Award
  • the Swiss ICT Public Award

The jury can also grant the Swiss ICT Special Award. This award is presented only on special occasions – not every year – and does not belong to any of the three official categories.

Who selects the winners?

The Swiss ICT Award and the Swiss ICT Newcomer Award winners are chosen by an independent, cross-disciplinary jury of professionals. The Swiss ICT Public Award winner is chosen from the finalists by an online public vote.

Which companies are eligible for nomination?

The Swiss ICT Award is open to all companies in all industries that have a strong foothold in Switzerland. Start-ups can also be nominated for the Swiss ICT Newcomer Award (see below).

Which products, projects or services are prerequisite for nomination?

Outstanding IT performance in the last 24 months is the prerequisite for nomination. The achievements must have taken place in Switzerland to a significant degree. Some examples are:

  • launch of a very innovative product that makes significant use of ICT technology or software that is not immediately visible or recognisable (invisible IT)
  • development or launch of a new app
  • an extraordinary achievement supported by ICT or part of an ICT project

In addition to software companies, society, leisure and digital lifestyle companies are also qualified to compete.

Are medical technology companies or banks eligible?

Of course. Pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, manufacturers and service providers of any kind that rely on innovative IT solutions for their success are eligible to apply.

Can companies that have already won a Swiss ICT Award apply again?

Yes! The Swiss ICT Award is given for any recent achievement (and the trophy is yours to keep).

Can a company enter the competition with several projects, products or services?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of competition entries per company. But each entry should be separately prepared and submitted.

What is the definition of a start-up?

A start-up is defined as a company that has been active in the market for less than five years. These companies can apply for the Swiss ICT Newcomer Award and the Swiss ICT Award.

Are start-ups eligible for the Swiss ICT Award?

Yes. The Swiss ICT Award is given to companies that have achieved outstanding performance or launched innovative ideas with the potential to make a strong impact in the future. These criteria are independent of the company's age or size. Start-ups are eligible to win both the Swiss ICT Newcomer Award and the Swiss ICT Award in the same year.

Can international companies also be nominated?

Yes, if the implementation/production of the added value and innovation took place in Switzerland to a significant degree.

Can a company apply every year?

Yes. Any company that can claim an outstanding IT achievement in the last 24 months is eligible to apply.

Are individuals eligible for the prize?

No. But the jury can award individuals (or groups) with a Special Award for Lifetime Achievement on special occasions.

Who is eligible for the Public Award?

The Public Award winner is chosen from all the finalists by an online public vote.

How many finalists are chosen?

That depends on the jury's selection and the quality of the entries. There are typically three to five finalists for the Swiss ICT Award and three to five finalists for the Swiss ICT Newcomer Award.

How much does it cost to enter?

Entering the competition is free.

How many winners are there?

The Swiss ICT Award 2014, the Swiss ICT Newcomer Award and the Swiss ICT Public Award can each be won by a different company. In addition, the jury can award an unlimited number of Special Awards to companies or individuals.

Is the company, project or product awarded?

The company wins for a project or a particular product.

Who wins the award: the client that commissions the project, or the contracted project team?

Generally speaking, the project manager wins the prize, which means that the de facto winner is the client. However, the contracted team can also win if it achieves relevant, innovative results of its own.

For example: The Zermatter Seilbahn AG (ZES) has been nominated for its innovative software. It is eligible to win despite the software being developed externally by a third party. If the software is also used by other transport companies, the third-party developer of this software can be nominated and is eligible to win. If both ZES and third-party developer are nominated, the ZES would have priority.

What is the benefit of entering for a company?

All the finalists attract media spotlight in Switzerland – the Swiss ICT Award has been hailed as a very prestigious award and the gala awards ceremony as "the most important ICT event in Switzerland" ( In addition, reaching the final round alone is recognition of a company’s outstanding achievement.

Winning the Swiss ICT Award has even longer lasting benefits for the company's image as well as within the company. This is why companies prominently display their trophies for years after winning, or why executives such as Philipp Suter, CEO of Zühlke Engineering declare: „Looking back at 2013, we’re especially proud of winning the Swiss ICT Award." (Computerworld, 17 March 2014)

Winning the award also boosts employee motivation and helps with recruiting.

The organiser – SwissICT – together with its renowned media partners is dedicated to publicising the award, offering finalists and winners tools to help them get the word out about their achievement.

Who organises the Swiss ICT Award?

The award is organised by swissICT, the largest ICT industry association and principal representative of the ICT profession in Switzerland.

The Swiss ICT Award Gala is when and where?

Lucerne, KKL, 15.11.2016

When was the Swiss ICT Award founded?

The first Swiss ICT Award was presented in 2004.