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The jury: independent and interdisciplinary

Fédéric Bagnoud

CimArk SA / Alp ICT

Since 2000 Frédéric Bagnoud works at the CimArk AG. The company supports SMEs in increasing their competitiveness and provides professional services for start-up companies. Frédéric is also co-founder of several start-ups and companies in the IT sector. Since 2013 Frédéric is operating as general secretary of the Ark Foundation (Foundation for Innovation in Wallis). In Alp ICT, the Lake Geneva ICT Cluster, he holds the post of vice-president since 2013.

Ursula Bettio, publishing director at Swiss IT Media GmbH, has worked in IT journalism since 1989 and was one of those responsible for making Swiss IT Magazine (formerly InfoWeek) the leading Swiss magazine for corporate IT. With her experience in technical journalism and in organising professional conferences, she has a wealth of expertise in the IT industry.

Florian Büchting

Florian Büchting is responsible for worldwide IT services and activities of the WICOR industry group including more than 25 locations in the regions of Europe, America and Asia-Pacific. He is 7 years at WEIDMANN and has built the international IT services, standardized services and moved the ERP program ahead. Previously, Mr. Büchting was 8 years with SR Technics (formerly a Swissair subsidiary) at the airport.

Today Rolf Bischofberger is in charge of Switzerland’s Global Enterprise Export Promotion under the federal government's stabilisation programme and the development of new export platforms for cleantech, medtech, architecture, technology and health. He began his IT career more than 20 years ago in the insurance field. In his various roles as IT project and programme manager, and as a member of the management team, he introduced Globus banking software and established the call centres and IT systems of Zurich Connect and Swissline. As a group executive and programme director, he was responsible for the construction and operation of a comprehensive SAP platform for Winterthur Insurance. After AXA Group’s acquisition of Winterthur in 2006, he led the development and management of AXA Group Solutions Switzerland. In 2001, he completed an Executive MBA HSG in business engineering.

Dr. Hellmuth Broda
Perkin Elmer

Following his studies in Chemistry and Biology and his PhD in Biophysics, Hellmuth Broda worked for 10 years in academic research (Max-Planck Institute, Harvard Biolabs, University of Konstanz), followed by 10 years in development management of IT applications in Basel’s chemical and pharmaceutical industry. In 1995, he joined Sun Microsystems in Switzerland as Country Technology Manager, followed by different CTO functions at Sun EMEA and Sun USA and served there lastly as the CTO for global government strategy. Today he leads the OneSource Information Services in EMEA for PerkinElmer Life Science Services. These Professional Services offerings enable lab researchers and production managers to focus on the core business and leave the rest of the chores to his support engineers. 2003 Hellmuth had been elected as member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW). He is also member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. Since 2008 Hellmuth serves in the Swiss ICT Award Jury he is also Jury member of the Swiss OSS Awards. From 2000 to 2007, he served as executive juror for the EU IST Prize.

Fabrice Delaye (journalist, Bilan) discovered the Internet in July 1994 on the screens of the Web-inventors inCERN. NASA broadcasted live images that day taken by Hubble near the collision of Comet Shoemaker-Levy on Jupiter ... Fascinated since then, he follows his intuition on the information superhighway, the paths through biology and extends his explorations of microelectronics to giant energy infrastructure.

Geri Moll graduated with an engineering degree from Zurich University of Applied Sciences. After two years with SLM (Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works), he joined Noser AG in Winterthur. In 1991, he assumed leadership of the renamed Noser Engineering AG. Since then, he has built the company into one of the leading service companies in technical computer science. In 2006, he received an Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen. Thanks to his knowledge, he covers a broad range of technologies and industries.

After graduating as a graphic industry engineer, Reto Schmid joined the media industry as a management consultant. He subsequently realised his dream of assuming leadership responsibilities as CIO and member of the executive committee of Basel Mediengruppe. Before leading the international market for METAGroup and Gartner IT, he helped shape the internet boom as COO of Pixelpark (Switzerland) AG. Today, he works as a Business Area Manager in an international consulting firm (ERNI Consultants), has established himself as an author and speaker in the Swiss ICT industry, and has a national and international network of contacts.

Barnaby Skinner is tech editor at SonntagsZeitung. When studying history at the University of Basel, he focused on the history of science and the industrial revolution. As a journalist, his main interest is the ongoing digital revolution. In 2001/2002 he worked for the Daily Star, an English-language newspaper in Beirut, and a Lebanese tech start-up. From 2002 to 2006, he helped found the national news portals and as editor-in-chief. He began his career at SonntagsZeitung in Zurich in 2006.

After graduating from the University of Zurich, Simone Tettamanti worked as an independent consultant for SMEs and for an international consulting company as a manager of complex project mandates. Since 2003, he has worked in the IT division of Cornèr Banca. He is currently responsible for the overall implementation of IT projects for the credit card division (Cornèrcard). In addition to holding a business degree, he specialises in system engineering and innovation of business models.