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Swiss ICT Award Winner 2009


Poken is a company active in the recovery and collection of information. Poken, its flagship product of the same name, is a kind of contactless USB key that allows you to exchange business cards by magnetizing to another holder of Poken.


ABACUS is a Swiss software company managed by its owners, with more than 245 employees and 26 years of successful business management software development. ABACUS was founded in 1985 by three graduates of the University of St. Gallen and, thanks to its more than 90,000 sold software modules and more than 39,000 customers, Abacus' product lineup is one of the largest and most successful software solutions in Switzerland.

Public Award

Amazee is a Swiss web agency spezialized in the development of e-participation and community solutions.

People Award Newcomer 2009

The winner is a known player in the Swiss high-tech scene: Dominik Grolimund. As a former student of the ETH he created the online file sharing company Wuala, which in 2009 was bought by the French giant LaCie.

People Award Champion 2009

André Kudelski, born 1960 in Lausanne, is a Swiss entrepreneur and engineer. Physics graduate in "Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne" (EPFL), he worked in the company of his father Stefan Kudelski as a development engineer on encryption systems for pay-TV (NagraVision) process used by Canal + in France. He also worked in Silicon Valley, California.

In 1991, he succeeded his father and became chairman of Kudelski SA. The group owns several companies in the field of electronic security including MediaCrypt and Nagra. In 1995, André Kudelski received the Global Leader for Tomorrow Award from the World Economic Forum. In 1996, the National Academy of Arts and Sciences presented him an Emmy Award for his work on access control for the television.