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Swiss ICT Award Winner 2011


The new media cross-platform , TV, web, mobile and social media in real time.


Noser Engineering, a software services provider, won the Champion Award in the category "Enterprise".

Public Award

For the first time in the history of the Swiss ICT Award, the audience's choice coincided with the jury's selection: joiz received the Public Award.

People Award Newcomer 2011

The Newcomer 2011 goes to Laurent Haug, founder of "Lift conferences" and creator of "Lift Lab" which works as a researcher and communicator, analyzing and interpreting the transformation of our society due to technological innovations and highlighting future trends.

People Award Champion 2011

As for the "Champion" , it was presented to Markus Gross, Professor of Computer Science at ETH Zurich , Head of the Computer Graphics Laboratory and Director of Disney Research Zurich. He also serves on the Steering Committees of numerous research centers, companies and international organizations.