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Swiss ICT Award Winner 2012


GetYourGuide is a website where tourists can book tours & activities:  from sightseeing by bus to diving with sharks, GetYourGuide  offers a wide range of more than 12,000 holiday activities on all continents and in many countries from Armenia to Zimbabwe.

Users can avoid queues by booking in advance and may occasionally get better terms. At the same time, our users avoid the effort involved in contacting several providers; GetYourGuide’s booking engine that was developed in-house contains all prices and availability information necessary for a booking.

GetYourGuide Inc., a spin-off of ETH Zurich, is the company behind the innovative website. Established in 2008, GetYourGuide is at located at Technopark Zurich and has additional offices in Berlin and Las Vegas.


u-blox Holding AG is a Swiss company based in Thalwil and was established as a spin-off of ETH Zurich in 1997. The company has branches in Europe (UK and Italy), the US and Asia (China, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea and Japan). It develops and produces technologies for positioning, navigation and wireless communication.

The products (microchips and modules) are based on the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) with a focus on GPS and Galileo, the European satellite navigation system. As part of the GREAT project of the European Union for the development of a Galileo receiver for mass markets, u-blox has developed the first Galileo-enabled receiver.

Public Award offers internet-based data communication, hosted services and data centre services for business and private customers both nationally and internationally. The company recently opened the greenDatacenter Zürich-West in Aargau's Lupfig, which is "Switzerland's first commercial data centre of this size and quality planned from scratch", as according to In addition to security, environmental considerations were also a key priority for this project.

The greenDatacenter is not only the first data centre in Switzerland with an official tier-III certificate, but also the first and only one worldwide to be run on direct current (DC) technology. This Swiss pioneering effort thus also showcases “green IT” in the international arena. was established in 1995, manages 100,000 customers, operates its own comprehensive network infrastructure and currently runs four data centres. Its head office is in Brugg/AG.

People Award Newcomer 2012

Oliver Reichenstein plays an important role in the international digital arena. This web designer creates and develops websites and other very reputable digital products. His company, Information Architects, has offices in Tokyo, Zurich and Berlin. He also enjoyed great success with the functional word processing program incredibly easy to use: "iA Writer" is well known for its iPad version. His thought and creativity affects more than one in the ICT-field.

People Award Champion 2012

Professor Willy Zwaenepoel is one of the most recognized worldwide ICT researchers. His numerous scientific works and achievements have been instrumental for the evolution of the "World Wide Web". From 2002 to 2011 he was a professor and dean of the computing and communication faculty Lausanne (EPFL). Under his leadership, the faculty gained a privileged position, recognized worldwide for its research and teaching.

Since 2011 he is professor at the Laboratory of operating systems of the "IIF - Institute of Core Computing Science" at EPFL .

Professor Zwaenepoel has developed many technological aspects of operating systems and distributed systems. His work on "High-Performance-Software" led to the creation of iMimic Networking, Inc. Currently, he is working on the replication database, improving performance of virtual machines and new mechanisms of software tests .

He has received various awards for his work, such as the „IEEE Tsutomu Kanai Award 2007“.