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Swiss ICT Award 2015: the winners

The objective of the Swiss ICT Award is to promote entrepreneurship and the acceptance of ICT entrepreneurs and companies in Swiss society. The winner serve as role models and motivators for the entire ICT industry.

Swiss ICT Award 2015: Bison Switzerland AG with "Bison ESL Manager"

In Brief:

Electronic shelf labels (ESL) are a means of automatically providing price and product information directly on the shelf. The "ESL manager" web app has been designed as a monitoring application that enables the user to amend shelf information (e.g. due to best-price guarantee) from a central location. It takes a matter of minutes and does not require manual access. The connection to an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) guarantees process reliability. The labels themselves are based on e-paper technology. Finalist Bison Schweiz AG has been developing ERP software solutions for more than 30 years.

Website (in german)

Swiss ICT Newcomer Award 2015: Blindflug Studios with "First Strike"

In brief:

As well as being an exciting strategy simulation based on a nuclear world war scenario, First Strike is a mobile game (iOS, Android) that differs from its competitors in that it sends a very real message to its players:  we still have the ability to destroy the world with nuclear weapons. The first game released by the Zurich-based Blindflug Studios is a paid-content app and has already received wide critical and commercial acclaim.


Swiss ICT Public Award 2015: Swisscom (Switzerland) with "ServiceNow"

In brief:

"Everything as a Service" is a promising development: ServiceNow is one of the first applications in the SwissCom Application Cloud. Its purpose is to streamline and simplify the order management system. Currently in the "Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport", this management platform can display the entire ordering and invoicing process in multiple languages when using temporary communication infrastructure (e.g. in refresher courses). The app is targeted towards companies, official bodies and other authorities.

Swiss ICT Special Award 2015: "Virtopsy"

In brief:

Virtopsy is a virtual alternative to a traditional autopsy, conducted with scanning and imaging technology. The name is a portmanteau of 'virtual' and 'autopsy'. 

The technology currently used for conducting a “virtual autopsy” comprises:

  • Robot-guided surface scanning for three-dimensional documentation of the surface of the body, to scale and in color.[7] This supplements the external postmortem examination of the body" that is done in a conventional autopsy;
  • Multislice spiral CT and MRI for visualising the body in 3D. This supplements the internal postmortem examination of the body in an autopsy;
  • Post mortem angiography, which visualises the cardiovascular system of the deceased with the aid of a peristaltic pump and contrast medium;
  • Image- and robot-guided, contamination-free sampling for a wide range of supplementary forensic analyses, such as histology, bacteriology, virology, toxicology and diatomology.
  • This procedure replaces the usual collection and storage of sample material from the body.

more on Virtopsy (official website)