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Swiss ICT Award 2016: the winners

The objective of the Swiss ICT Award is to promote entrepreneurship and the acceptance of ICT entrepreneurs and companies in Swiss society. The winner serve as role models and motivators for the entire ICT industry.

Swiss ICT Award 2016: The Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss & Swiss National Supercomputing Centre ETH Zurich with ‘COSMO Novel Expert Tool

In Brief:

The demands on the national weather service are continuously increasing. Weather simulations are essential for flight safety, storm warnings and in the event of nuclear or chemical disasters. In order to achieve accurate forecasts and create more realistic simulations, new and higher resolution weather models with a mesh distance of about one kilometre are needed. To meet this requirement, meteorologists, researchers and companies from different disciplines have joined forces to develop the COSMO Novel Expert Tool (COSMO-NExT), a new generation of software and computers that has made MeteoSwiss a global pioneer in high-resolution weather models. In terms of hardware, it is the world’s first national weather service to use a new computer architecture with fast graphics processing units (GPU) instead of the customary CPU. GPUs offer 40 times more capacity than conventional computers and use less electricity. This MeteoSwiss supercomputer is in operation at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre.

Website Meteo Schweiz 

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Swiss ICT Newcomer Award 2016: Nanolive with „3D Cell Explorer“

In brief:

Nanolive’s 3D Cell Explorer microscope and STEVE software have made it possible for the first time to explore a living cell in 3D without damaging it. This could rewrite all the rules in research and in the medtech, biotech and cosmetics industries. The microscope, with its revolutionary, globally unique and patented technology, works in a similar way to an MRI/CT scan for the human body and costs about 20 times less than conventional microscopes with a comparable resolution.


Swiss ICT Public Award 2016: NEEO

In brief:

NEEO makes interaction with technology in daily life child’s play: the completely new type of remote control for existing and future technology understands all relevant building control standards. It is thus compatible with more than 50,000 devices and works with all sensors, thermostats, AV equipment, lights and other household electronics. NEEO was at the centre of Switzerland’s most successful crowdfunding campaign, which proves that this revolutionary remote fills a real gap in the market.